Firefighter of the Year

Every fall, nominations are solicited from the Aurora Fire Department for firefighters who have demonstrated exemplary service during the preceding year. A committee of Exchange Club members choose the individual selected as Firefighter of the Year.

2016 Firefighter Of The Year Recipients

Battalion Chief Dan Osman

Lt. Jason Equi

Pvt. Matt Acuff Pvt. Jeff Kerley

Pvt. Dan Murphy Pvt. Martin Valenzuela

On the morning of June 19, 2016 at 08:03 am 911 Central dispatched Engine 1, Truck 2, Medic 10, Engine 10 and Batt 1 to a call for an incident of a vehicle in a retention pond with 2 men inside. It was unknown the amount of time the vehicle had been submerged with the two occupants trapped inside.

Aurora Fire Crew worked along with Aurora Police Officers on flipping the vehicle over. Upon flipping the vehicle over, Fire crew were able to cut the seat belts to free the two male occupants.

The first male victim pulled from the vehicle was cyanotic, unresponsive, not breathing, and without a pulse. CPR was administered immmediatly. The patient was transffered to the ambulance and pads were placed on the patient's chest and asystole was noted on the monitor. Patient care continued en-route to the hospital.

The second male victim removed from the vehicle was pulseless, apneic was asystole upon removal from the water. Patient care was provided and patient's color improved following an intubation attempt.

Both victims transported to area hospital and care transferred to Emergency room staff.

One of the victims survived the incident and is expected to make a full recovery.